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" What can I expect Marc?" That is the question I regularly hear. It is actually quite difficult to explain, because every person is different. My massages are not a standard trick, but a passionate experience. I do not receive continuously and I like to choose quality over quantity.


For your reassurance, nothing happens that you don't want to happen and I am easygoing so the "ice" will soon be broken when you are with me.


So here is a brief description of how this works. You have to experience the practice yourself, but I can assure you that you will enjoy it immensely.


After we have made an appointment, you will receive my address in Hilversum. Once together we get acquainted. Prior to the massage it is mandatory to take a shower and use the (neutral) shower gel.


Then we can start fresh and clean with the massage where we are both naked if desired. I always start with a relaxation massage of the neck, back, buttocks, legs and possibly feet. In this way you can relax wonderfully. In the meantime, of course, I also "teasingly" massage all your sensitive areas so that the excitement and desire increases.


Then it is time for you to turn over on your back so that I can give all the attention to the front of your body. Again, everything is expertly massaged, with all the attention for the very sensitive places where the erotic tension is slowly built up on the way to a great climax.


This is just a brief description of what you can expect. My massages are always tailored to the person. That is why I can massage completely from my feeling and spontaneity.


As you have been able to read, a lot is possible erotic with respect for each other. Please tell me what you like, so I can take it into account during the massage session. After all, it is about your pleasure and (relaxation) tension.


Finally, health, respect, privacy, hygiene and safety come first with me.

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