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Frequently Asked Questions:

This is my first time and I find it very exciting.

Ans: men, women and couples find it very exciting the first time. It is also very normal to be nervous. 


Fortunately, I have plenty of experience with this so I can put you at ease. I am easy to talk to, so you will find that the “ice” is broken quickly.


Moreover, nothing will happen during your appointment with me that you do not want. I would like to see you very satisfied afterwards so that you can look back on a great experience.


Is the masseur also naked during the massage?

Ans: yes, during the massage I am also naked if desired.


On which days do you receive?

Ans: see my availability.


Can I make an appointment at the last minute?

Answer: Of course you can always try it and if there is still room, you are very welcome.


What can I expect when I'm with you?

Ans: see my method, then you get a good picture.


Is more possible during the massage?

Answer: yes, but also look at the options men/women/set.


Can I touch you too?

AnsWith the all-inclusive massage you can also touch me within the limits of the possibilities. Everyone should be able to feel good about it.


What is the best way to reach you for information or to make an appointment?

Ans: you can always call me (with number herk) but you can also email or text me. You can also easily schedule an appointment via the site.

My question is not listed and I cannot find it on the website.

Ans: you can always email me, app me or just call me. 

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