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An Erotic massage can be compared to a relaxation massage, but now your erogenous zones are also massaged. In the end I will give you a delicious highlight.


In addition to the body massage, a Lingham / Tantra / Edging massage is a pleasant massage of the penis and balls and ensures total relaxation of body and mind. The goal here is that you do not come quickly but instead keep your energy to increase your desire.


When you are nice and relaxed after the body massage, I pour some warm oil on your penis and balls, and then massage them alternately from soft and tender to a bit harder and firmer.


Whenever I notice that an ejaculation is coming, I will slow down and then move on. Each time you will come a little closer to your orgasm, until you can no longer hold it and will cum very intensely in total relaxation.


A Body2body massage, with this massage I massage your body with mine and I glide over you so that you can also feel everything about me. This form can be combined or added to one of the massages.


A prostate massage for men involves massaging the prostate. This is quite close to the entrance of the anus, which gives an intense feeling. The orgasm together with massaging the prostate is also very intense.


The All inclusive massage is the erotic massage combined with the extra options or a choice from them. If you want to discover a little more, this is a good choice. You are also allowed to touch or play with me.


A Kinky massage is a massage in which use can be made of various fun toys, including hand and leg cuffs, blindfold, dildo, vibrator, butt plug, nipple clamps, etc. Spanking is also possible.

The masseur is dominant in this massage.


Yoni massage : First the body is massaged in a loving and relaxing way, after which the massage slowly moves to the area of ​​the lower abdomen, hips, groin and pubic area. If that feels good for you and you dare to continue, I first massage the outside of the yoni and then massage the inside and you can let yourself go completely.


It's important that I don't do anything you don't want; careful coordination is very important. So I will never cross your border and will check regularly during the massage session whether you are okay.


With all massages I use neutral massage oil that does not irritate or is bad for the skin.


Erotische massage
Erotische massage
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